'For: Small projects, long term projects or resourcing needs'
  • Our objective

    Our objective is to provide skilled and dedicated resources at a competitive rate without compromising quality and efficiency.

    We give companies an opportunity to draw on our services for short or long term projects. It might be that you are overstretched? Or may wish to grow? And sometimes even downsize? RGB can tailor a service to suit you.


    We give companies an opportunity to grow or downsize depending on their requirements.

    • Our clients trust our ability to deliver very high standards.
    • We understand their business processes and adhere to their standards.
    • We have an in-depth understanding of the IT World and its unique challenges.
    • We ensure complete client confidentiality.
    • Our cost models suit all budgets and our aim is to offer an effective service without compromising quality.

    • Our clients benefit from a single-point for service delivery which is led by a team of experts.

    • You can plan resource requirements for a specific projects or a longer term contract.

  • Virtual Team™ - for project based work

    Should you need bespoke applications or assistance in-house, our talented team is ready to fulfil your service need and meet the most demanding of deadlines.
    Expertise in the following areas:
    • Customized software development /IT services.
    • Multimedia application development, presentations, 2D / 3D animation creative.

    • Web developments - ranging from small niche websites to large web portals, fully managed.

    • System migration, code conversion.
    • Application maintenance.
    • Remote monitoring of systems including kiosks and digital signage.
    • Product co-development.
    • Search engine optimization.
    • Internet marketing.
    • Kiosk application development.
    • Digital signage software development.
    • Loyalty card systems.
    • Mobile applications including Android, Windows 7 mobile and I phone applications, content management systems.

    We are service ready on a per project basis or we can recruit dedicated resources for longer term work through our Virtual In-House development service.
  • Virtual In-House™ - for longer term contracts

    Virtual In-House™ provides a fast and simple platform for companies wishing to operate direct offices and resources in other territories. Organizations have access to a full range of services including recruitment, office space, infrastructure, HR and legal services without the risk, difficulty and investment commonly associated with locating into foreign countries. We establish a flexible and scalable foundation for companies to draw on. We can source suitable teams, whether 1-5 people per month or up to 25 people for long term contracts.

    Key features of our service are:

    Search and Recruit:

    • We will put forward the right skills for your business needs and understand how to source the very best candidates. Our in-house management team interview and test individual capabilites before providing you with a candidate short list.

    Office Space:

    • If you require a small team or individual, then we can set up workstations within our own centre and for larger teams we can rent dedicated office space. Your managed office space will be taken care of by us with no fuss or issues. We will find a professional corporate environment for your workforce and build in the option to scale up and down to cope with ongoing business demands.
  • Virtual In-House™ - for longer term contracts

    Infrastructure & Technology:

    • Your remote office will have state-of-the-art infrastructure facilities, equipped with latest technology and communication services.

    HR Services:

    • You can have peace of mind because our vigilant staff look after your interests from our local office. We are ready to report any HR related issue if it occurs and we can manage contractual or legal complexities as and when required by our clients.

  • How it works?

    Each proposal is tailored in accordance with the client’s unique IT outsourcing needs. A development method and strategy is created providing team structure, developer skill levels all within an agreed budget.
  • A winning formula:

    Reduce the risk:

    • Office space and infrastructure investment is removed or reduced, we deal with local contracts and related legal issues within foreign countries. We have provided organisations with an incredibly low risk and easy model for service provision and global resourcing.

    Simplify the process

    • Our services are easy and quick to implement so clients can focus on what they do best, managing their staff and running their business.

    Why not call us today to discuss the possibilities?
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